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Hi Taubba
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Hai Taubba review: Altbalaji Hai Tauba original series is now streaming on the website and application Alt Balaji, users with a subscription can watch the series online on the website and application, I just finished all 4 episodes of the series and here I am with the reviews of the series. I’ll tell you about the plot, the show, and some more details of this series.

This web series stars Gagan Annand, Bhakti Maniyar, Simran, Saheb Bhattacharjee, Rohan Ghos, Akshay, Sachin Khurana and others in important roles, the series consists of a total of 4 episodes and all episodes are about 30-40 minutes long, you can watch serials in Hindi audio along with English subtitles.


The plot of the series is about four different stories, where two stories about LGBT and two others show the human tendency towards love and how society thinks about it, the first story about an unhappy couple. their relationship due to problems in their s3x life, the next story is about two men who love each other, the third story is about the relationship between teacher and student and the fourth is the story of two women, how these people met, how they fell in love and how society treats them and how their story ends, to find out this you have to watch the full series on Alt Balaji.


The series is not bad in terms of looks, the actor has done a good job, especially the second and third episodes are full of some good looks, Gangan Anand is good in his role and he looks amazing in his role, Bhakti Maniar played the role of Sonal in the episode titled “Aunty’s Kitchen” she is amazing with her looks and she looks as good as her in her last Bhram series. One more appearance that I like the most is the character Mithila in the episode Dark Chocolate, she is brilliant in all aspects, emotional, expression wise and physical, she kills her in the series and she is one of the main highlights of the series in terms of the show. Other actors have done a decent job.


The biggest problem with the series is the episode execution, almost every episode starts out well but then ends really badly, the plot is good but the scenario is bad. It looks like the creators only want to focus on intimate scenes and nothing else, If you think intimate scenes are on the next level, you are wrong, this series also fails in this aspect. The music is good, the location is excellent as usual and the BGM is average. The episodes are very long and the intimate scenes are not that impressive, if you make a series like this you have to make sure that there has to be some steamy greats but the creators fail to add these things here.


I used 2 out of 5 stars for this series, it is a bit above Gandii Baat and if you liked the episodes from Gandii Baat you can see them on Altbalaji website and app. This series consists of a total of 4 episodes and these episodes are not suitable for watching with family and children.

This is our review of the original Hi Taubba series AltBalaji, what do you think of that?, Please let us know in the comments section, for more posts and updates like this on the film and OTT to keep up with us.


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