Oho Gujrati App OTT Platform : Plans, Launch Date, Where To Download


Oho Gujrati Application OTT Platform: The Ott market is getting bigger and bigger and this is the reason why some regional apps come apps, Aha Video, Simply South and others already dominate the internet in Telugu content, Hoichoi is already great at Bengali content, now the Gujrati production house will come with another regional app called Oho Gujrati .

The app will go live from May 2021 with the original blockbuster web series titled Vitthal Teedi starring The 1992 scam Partik Gandhi fame, here in the post we will tell you some details about this series, we will talk about the release date of the application, How to download it? Plan and price applications and a few other things.

Release date

Oho Gujrati App will go live from May 7, 2021, packages and subscriptions will be available to the public for purchase from May 7, 2021 onwards, Apps will be live on Play Store and App Store starting May 7, 2021, they will be releasing a web series titled Vitthal Teedi on the day the same one.

How to Download Applications

Users can download the app from the Oho Gujrati website or they can also go to the Play store and app store to download the app, the app is not yet available on the Play Store, but you will soon get the app on both Plays. Store and App Store, Apps will go live before May 7, 2021.

Packages & Prices

There is no official confirmation about the App Plans and Pricing and it will only be clear after 7 May 2021, but some of our sources say that the App will go live with an estimated 499 Subscription Per Year and 99 Per Month, we will update the official figures once the real figures are disclosed by the creators .

What do you think about this application? are you excited for a first-ever Gujrati app, let us know in the comments section, for more posts and updates like this on the web series and movies, stay tuned for us.


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