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Image- Zee5 | SKF – Trailer Radhe

Radhe Trailer Review: The trailer is one of the most awaited trailers of 2021 and the audience is looking forward to it, the trailer is finally released on the official channel of Salman Khan Films and Bhai Fans really like it, the trailer looks Masala Entertainer, here he will react and review the footage from the point of view technical and critical.

The story is very clear now, the film is about a Drug Dealer (Randeep Hooda) spoiling the youth of Mumbai city with giving and drugs, Mumbai Police appoints Radhe, the police specialist meeting to deal with this matter, and it is time for a massive fight sequence and cat chase and mouse between hero and villain.

To be honest, this trailer has nothing new to offer, the trailer looks like a mashup of old Bhaijan films like Wanted, Jai Ho and others, the story has nothing new to show, the same old police story and the movie is clear from the trailer itself. Salman Khan is good and he’s brought more swag to the big screen, but I’m really disappointed to see him make it in. Its very normal, Disha Patni looks great and she kills him with her move.

The film’s dialogue was terrible, especially when Radhe Say – ‘Apni Utama Behan Ka Naam Nadiya Rakhunga ‘ Somehow bhai agrees to say this, the only dialogue that brings the masses to the film as EID’s dialogue. The BGM and the songs from the film look deadly and that is the biggest highlight of the film, The VFX looks bad especially the helicopter crash scene, in the end, hope the film has something better to offer.

Well, to be honest, the trailer doesn’t match up, but still, it’s Salman Khan’s trailer and it’s enough to make it a blockbuster. What do you think about the trailer? let us know in the comments section.


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