Vakeel Saab Review Prime Video: Pawan Kalyan Creates Magic In Court Room Drama

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Vakeel Saab Review Prime Video: This film is a big blockbuster and become the highest earner of 2021 apart from the Pandemic, the film is now available on Prime Video and I just finished the film in the premiere video, here in the post I will review the film. I’ll be talking about the show, plot and some of the film’s other highlights.

This film is the official remake of the Bollywood blockbuster PINK, starring Pawan Kalyan and Niveditha Thomas, the film also stars Anjali, Ananya Nagalla, and Prakash Raj in key roles, the film was directed by Venu Sriram and produced by Bonney Kapoor. The film is approximately 156 minutes long and is now streaming on Prime Video in Telugu audio along with subtitles.


Pallavi, Zarina, and Divya are self-employed women and they all live together. One night their taxi broke down in the middle of the highway. They’re looking for a ride right now. Pallavi’s friend, a viswa, crosses the same highway that night and gives them a lift. In the next scene, Vamsi’s friends rush to a nearby hospital because Vamsi’s head was hit by a bottle and the three girls are back in their taxi. Now the girls are in big trouble and a lawyer for Satya dev is handling their case in his hands. What really happened in the resort room? Who is the wrong girl or boy? To find out the full story you have to give at least 160 minutes for the prime video to watch the film.


Personally, I am a fan of Pawan Kalyan and he is back after 3 years in cinema. Pawan Kalyan’s performance as Satya dev’s lawyer is very good. He is very good at taking on the role of a man who cannot see the injustice in front of him. Anjali, Ananya nigella and Nivetha Thomas have also done a good job as independent women as well as victims. They do their second role very well. Prakash Raj is a big lawyer in the film and we can see that confidence in his acting. The overall performance of the cast was excellent and this film is one of the southern industry’s best films in terms of performance.


Vakeel Saab is a Telugu language court drama film. This film basically shows the true side of our society how we actually judge women by their appearance, what they wear, and their taste in speech. If I put it in a funny way then the movie asks why do boys have fun? The main strength of this film is bgm. Even though I know the story, I still get goosebumps and also get emotional many times.

All the questions the film asks are actually thought-provoking and might offend you if your thinking wasn’t that broad. The only drawback that I saw in this film is its length. The maker can chop and make it in about 130-135 minutes. Overall I would say the Vakeel Saab is a great watch with your family with good performance and excellent bgm.

  • Movie Name: Vakeel Saab
  • Platform: Prime Video
  • Rating: 3.5 / 5
  • Recommended ?: Yes
  • Family Friendly ?: Yes


I chose 3.5 out of 5 for the film, the reviews are completely independent as I’ve never seen the original version of the film, if you are looking for some great courtroom drama packed with strong performances this should be on top of your list. The film is about 160 minutes long and is now available on Prime Video.

This is our reader’s review of the Vakeel Saab, what do you think about it? Let us know in the comments section, for more posts and updates like this on film and otts to stay with us.


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